Modoc and Grayiris: The Beginning

The following is a series of screenshots taken at my first building in this world. Built by Grayiris and I.


Humble Beginnings

Welcome to our blog! We strive to build a unique, fun and interesting world here. Our team is composed of Modoc, htaedgfmo (2 members, currently), Grayiris, CDUBB619 and K3you.

Without further ado, here are some screenshots:

Above is what Modoc and K3you have built, from left to right respectively.

You can find more photos of each team members’¬†buildings¬†in their own, specific category.

This is what the htaedgfmo mini-team built:

Here is another interesting structure that they have built:

Finally, over here you can see the “natural selection” scientific theory at work. Crazy chicken…

Have a great day!

– Make it Mine(craft)!